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AASA Board Member Matt Stiffler Goes Viral!

A recent post about AASA Board Member Matthew Stiffler on the University of Michigan’s Facebook page generated quite a buzz on the internet this week. Check out The Arab American News coverage of the story:

On Facebook on Wednesday, the University of Michigan featured Stiffler and his efforts to share that passion as part of its Wolverines of Ann Arbor series.
Stiffler, who has been teaching Introduction to Arab American Studies during the fall semester for five years, has a Ph.D in American culture with a focus in Arab American studies.
“I still can’t believe they let me teach,” Stiffler wrote in the Facebook post. “Not because I am unqualified, but because each time I walk into the classroom, I feel honored that these students would sit there (most of them willingly) and work through difficult issues with me, such as imperialism, anti-Arab racism, and media stereotyping.”
The post garnered more than 1,300 likes and 100 shares by Wednesday evening.

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