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USAID Seeks Grad Student Interns

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) seeks two graduate students for its Fall 2015 virtual internship program (US citizens and current students only; unpaid). USAID requests resumes from student-experts on Tunisia and/or gender to research the following subjects:

  • Regional disparities and inequality between the rural and urban areas: What are the gender dynamics? Are women and girls in rural areas disproportionately impacted? What are possible areas of overlap for rural interventions and gender-specific programming?
  • Economic, security, and political challenges: How have women and girls participated in the Arab Spring? Post Arab Spring, what are the economic, security and political challenges and gender dynamics?
  • Cross-border/smuggling: How are gender dynamics impacted with cross-border issues? What roles to women and girls play in smuggling? If there is not a direct correlation, what are the secondary impacts to women and girls. What roles do men and boys play in smuggling of narcotics, small arms, and explosives? What are the security issues and gender dynamics? What other cross-border issues are at play?

Most of the research should be done by early/mid October, with light responsibilities for the remainder of the semester. If interested, please send your resume ASAP to Dr. Charles Kiamie, Middle East Regional Program Coordinator, at

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