Arabic Language Summer School for Social Sciences

Arabic Language Summer School for Social Sciences

Dear Colleague,

My name is Marleen Henny and I am the International Program Manager at EGE Rabat Morocco and The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. We are proud to present our new Arabic Program For Social Sciences (APSS).

Arabic Program for Social Sciences (APSS) is an intensive language course designed for non-native Arabic speakers who seek to develop their standard Arabic skills, and at the same time gain a better grasp of the major political, social and economic challenges facing the contemporary world.

In the attachment you will find the English & French program description with information about the program.

The program description attached is specially designed for students who already completed 150 hours of standard Arabic at their home University. If there is a special interest for the Arabic Program For Social Sciences from students with a beginners level, we will need at least a group of 10 students before the stated deadline of the 15th of June to be able to open a group for these levels.

As stated in the document attached, it is a very intensive program where students will complete 300 hours of standard Arabic in one semester (25 hours a week, over 12 weeks).

During semester 2 (Social sciences/ language of instruction: Arabic), students will do 150 hours of content classes and language classes  (content classes in Arabic, preparation for content classes, initiation to research, Moroccan Arabic classes, etc.)

Exceptionally for the academic year 2015-2016, Semester 2 “Social sciences (language of instruction: Arabic)” will be offered for free to students who had completed Semester 1 “Intensive language study”.

Quick facts:

Application deadline for the Fall 2015 session: 15th of June 2015

Application deadline for the Spring 2016 session: 15th of October 2015

Cost of 1 semester with 300 hours of contact hours: 2200 €

Costs of 2 semesters (intensive language study semester + “social sciences in Arabic” semester): 2200 €

Costs for both semesters: 2200 €

Semester dates:

Semester 1 : 14th of September 2015-18th of December 2015

Semester 2: 18th of January 2016-29th of April 2016

A website for the Arabic Program For Social Sciences is under construction and will be available in a couple of days: Students interested in the program may download the application form from this website.

For further information on the program, please contact:

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Best regards,


International and National Cooperation Manager

Responsable de la Coopération Universitaire Nationale et Internationale