Call for Nominations: AASA Board

Call for Nominations: AASA Board

Dear AASA Members,


Election season is upon us in more ways than one. It is time for us to hold elections for the AASA Board of Directors.


The Nominating Committee has put forward the below names for election, but we are eager for AASA Members to be able to nominate people as well. If you are a current AASA Member and have someone in mind for the board, please check with them to make sure they are a current member and are willing and able to serve. If so, please direct them to send me a brief bio, a statement about the work of AASA, and the name of the position for which they would like to run.

Please note: in order to nominate and vote in this election, you must be a current AASA member with dues paid. To renew or purchase 2016 Membership, please click here.


We are hoping to get the ballots in the mail to you next Monday, so please provide us with the needed information by Friday the 14th of October.


Nominees for the 2016-2017 Board of the Arab American Studies Association:


Webmaster – Rebecca Karem and Rachel Norman

Secretary – Kristine Ajrouch

Member-at-large – Charlotte Albrecht, Carol Fadda-Conrey, and Keith Feldman

President Elect – Sally Howell

Please send nominations to: no later than Friday October 14,2016.

Thank you for your participation!