CFP: Arab Families Working Group Workshop

CFP: Arab Families Working Group Workshop




FALL 2016 – SPRING 2018


Lead Presenter: Suad Joseph, University of California, Davis



DATE FIRST SEMINAR: October 13, 14, 15, 2016

LOCATION FIRST SEMINAR: Flamenco Hotel, Valencia Room, Cairo, Egypt


This seminar will train junior faculty (recent PhD’s or MA level) in the social sciences from national public universities in Egypt in engaged transformative research, with four intensive seminars over a two-year period. The first seminar is October 13, 14, 15, 2016; the second in Spring 2017; the third in Fall 2017; the fourth in Spring 2018. The seminar includes training in proposal writing and research design; data collection; data analysis; writing for reports/dissertation/publication. Approximately 20-25 participants will be admitted to the seminar. They will be asked to make a commitment to the two-year training. Successful participants will be funded for a seed project. In addition to the four seminars, each participant will be assigned an individual mentor to work on the assignments required between seminars. The final product of the seminar is a publishable or near publishable report or article from the research carried out. Applicants for the seminar need to be advanced graduate students or junior faculty from Egyptian national public universities in the social sciences or scholars/activists in Egyptian national NGO’s. The seminar is carried out by the Arab Families Working Group and is funded by the Ford Foundation, Cairo. The lead presenter of the seminar is Distinguished Professor Suad Joseph, the University of California, Davis.


The first day of the first seminar is open, by application, to junior faculty, advanced graduate students, and scholar/activists in NGO’s. The second and third days are open, by application, to a select smaller group for intensive training in proposal writing and research design. The training will include individual mentoring of each trainee for the period between seminars. The selected group will be invited to apply for the available seed funding to carry out engaged research in their communities, under the guidance of a mentor from AFWG. At the end of the mentoring period the trainees will be asked to make a presentation/report on their research at a conference organized for this purpose. The training is intended to prepare junior faculty for continued graduate training towards their PhD’s or assist new PhD’s in initiating new research programs for publication. Seminar participants will be funded for travel to and from Cairo, and for accommodations in Cairo, unless they already live the greater Cairo area. Participants need to be comfortable speaking and writing in English. Mentoring in Arabic is available.


The Arab Families Working Group ( is organizing the seminar, funded by the Ford Foundation, Cairo office. AFWG is a collaborative project with 16 scholars who carry out research on Arab families and youth in Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine and their diasporas. AFWG is committed to training a new generation of scholars to carry out engaged social science research.


The seminars will cover all the components of a “maximal” research proposal (most of the questions that funders typically ask) and train participants to tailor the maximal proposal into a “targeted” proposal. The structure of the workshop includes intensive lectures which present all the components of a research proposal, data collection, data analysis, and report/dissertation/article writing. Seminars will include group work on each participants individual proposal. In advance of the workshop, participants will be asked to read key documents. The participants will work on writing a complete proposal, including budgets, and submitting them to an AFWG review committee. Each participant will be assigned a mentor who will work with them throughout the period to develop their proposals, carry out their funded research, analyze and write up their research results.


The key presenter is Dr. Suad Joseph, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at the University of California, Davis ( ). She has been teaching proposal writing at UC Davis, for over 30 years. She was been conducting proposal writing workshops for faculty, graduate students, and NGO’s throughout the Middle East, as well as in the USA and Europe for 15 years.


To apply for the seminar, fill out the attached application form. Answer the questions on the application form precisely in the space provided. The form and abstract should be sent to: Suad Joseph,; & ( and Menna Mourad ( by August 15, 2016

Participants are asked to read the following documents BEFORE the workshop as well as on ( )

  1. Components of a Humanities & social science Research Proposal
  2. Ten Tips for Proposal Writing
  3. The Art of Proposal Writing

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