Multiple CFPs for MLA Palestine Panels

Multiple CFPs for MLA Palestine Panels

Re-Posted from MLA Members for Justice in Palestine:

MLA 2017 Call for Papers, Panels and Palestine

Looking for MLA 2017 panels to submit Palestine-related papers? Below is a selection of CFPs Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.42.03 AMon topics that might include papers related to Palestine, BDS, settler colonialism, apartheid, dispossession, transnational justice, orientalism, etc. Deadlines for submission of paper abstracts are in early and mid March.  Browse the list of MLA CFPs:

Alternatively put together a special session and submit it by April 1, 2016. The Presidential theme is Boundary Conditions.

Let’s make sure Palestine is a presence in the 2017 MLA program!

Beyond Bounds: The Refugee in Global Arab/Arab American Studies” (Forum: CLCS Global Arab and Arab American

Interrogating concepts of cosmopolitanism, exile, globality through the figure of the Arab refugee across historical/epistemic/disciplinary/geographical boundaries. 250-word abstracts and bios by 15 March 2016; Pauline Homsi Vinson (

La Raza y Gaza (Forum: LLC Chicana and Chicano)

Papers engaging the political resonances of Palestine for Chican@s. Intersections in various texts, teaching, or other topics. 200-300-word abstract; 1-page cv by 15 March 2016; José Navarro (

The Balfour Declaration a Century Later (Forum: LLC Arabic)

Effects of the Balfour Declaration, debates, reactions, responses, and perspectives in literature and culture. 250 word abstracts to Tahia Abdel Nasser. 250 word abstracts by 15 March 2016; Waïl S. Hassan ( and Tahia Abdel Nasser (

Dispossession: West Asian Contexts (Forum: LLC West Asian)

Panel on past and current practices of dispossession in West Asia: statelessness, apartheid, genocide, migration, the forms and rhetorics of resistance. 300-word abstract by 7 March 2016; Nergis Ertürk ( and Amy Motlagh (

Colonialism, Cinema, Cartographic Imaginaries (Forum: MS Screen Arts and Culture)

How are colonial spaces imagined, by colonized and colonizer? How does mapping, literal or metaphorical, infuse power relations into geographic imaginaries? 250-word abstract by 15 March 2016; Siobhan Craig (

Writing Resistance (Forum: TC History and Literature)

Historical approaches to “writing resistance” or “writing rebellion”: narrative construction of historical incidents of resistance, writing history as resistance, resistance to historico-literary approaches in our discipline. 300 word abstracts by 10 March 2016; Marguerite Helen Helmers (

Transnational Justice and the Literary Imagination (Forum: TC Law and the Humanities)

How do imaginative texts explore questions of justice that transcend national borders? Papers on all genres, periods, and regions welcome. 300-word abstract and brief cv by 12 March 2016; Melissa J. Ganz (

Walter Benjamin in Palestine

Teaching Difficult Topics

South-South Policing: Security, Markets, and the Laboring Body

Border Conflicts: Migration, Refugees, and Diaspora in Children’s Literature

Fear, Flight, Form: Agency in Refugee Life Writing

“Orientalism” Revisited: Travel Writing & Neo-Orientalism

American Jews and Poetic Experiment
(something on Amiel Alcalay, for example?)


Alternate Histories, Alternate Memories

Religion in the Contact Zones

Biopolitics and the Postcolonial

Graffiti as Political Protest

Orientalism Redux in Popular Visual Culture

Political Literature

Postcolonial Nations’ Colonialism

Representing Ethnic Conflict in Contemporary Literatures and Films