Lebanese-American Oral History Workshops

Lebanese-American Oral History Workshops

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

 As you know, the Khayrallah Center is dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of the Lebanese community in the US. Over the past six years we have gathered oral histories and historical material to produce the first documentary about the Lebanese in NC.
 We were fortunate to have been able to record stories of challenges, perseverance and accomplishments of Lebanese immigrants as told by those who lived this history. These stories illustrate how central the community has been in shaping North Carolina, and really the US.


We were able to record these unique stories through oral history.  Participants shared their stories because they know the importance of recording history for their generations to come.


Now, we would like to extend our work to other Lebanese-American communities across the US. To do so, we are sharing our experience and tools by offering a two-day Oral History Workshop in your home town.


Day 1 ~ Training: Learn to conduct oral history interviews and digitize materials with attention to ethics, technology and history.


Day 2 ~ Heritage Days: Put the training into practice by conducting interviews of local community members, and scanning their photos and letters to preserve.


We are currently scheduling workshops across the US, and would love to work with you on organizing such an event in your community.  These workshops are free of charge, and we provide all the necessary tools and expertise. Contact us today to learn more about this valuable tool in preserving the rich and complex history of the Lebanese in the US.


Contact us for more details.


Bearta Alchacar

Public Outreach Coordinator